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Art Leasing


Why lease?
Leasing offers fixed regular payments, provides financing for 100% of the art cost, conserves both working capital and lines of bank credit and may offer tax advantages. We have leasing programs to fit any budget. 

Who can lease?
Any company, organization, association, working professional or self-employed individual.

What is the process for leasing art?
We review with you the terms of the agreement and negotiate all the details. Upon approval, the lease agreement is signed. When the art is delivered, billing commences for the agreed upon lease payment.

Is a down payment required?
A security deposit, usually equal to two months’ lease payment, is generally needed.

How are lease payments determined?
Monthly payment is based on the term of the lease, price of the art and type of leasing plan chosen.

Is it only paintings or are other works available?
Yes, we have a variety of types of artwork available such as paintings, sculptures, primitive art pieces, framed prints and more. Please review our photo gallery for samples of works available.


Contact us for more details or to book your personal appointment with one of our associates. They will visit your office or home, show you samples of art you can choose from, suggest placement of paintings and review some details about the agreement.